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Moving flock, shifting herd? Navigate weight and number challenges with computer vision, AI, and IoT!
The future of AgriFood: now!

Machine vision: precision counts for every species. Affordable, few sensors, every individual tally. Spot aggressors, monitor health. No fines for early slaughter. No undetected deaths. Personalized solutions.









Cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry - we can count them all! Discover our animal counting solution →


Trim costs with our Digital Twin solutions! Plan, decide, change anything – even your mind – and start again! Dream big – no limits!

Unlock the Future of Food Production! Food processing efficiency? Smart factory? Sensor integration? Optimization? Industrial IoT? Automation? Real-time monitoring? Explore freely – no financial constraints! Slide into Parallel Universes- meet your Digital Twin! Test ideas on a budget!

Material params
Process data
Quality Control
Decision support for configuring process and machine settings
Check out our MoniTwin.VegetableBlanching solution! More info →


Wildlife cameras watch. Artemys: sees. Detect, count, track, map – or hunt with AI machine vision! Artemys. See the unseen. Find the best shot.

Boosting wildlife management – or maximizing hunt? Use tracking cameras in a perfectly new way! Mouflon, deer, roe, or boar? Artemys leads the way! Count, track, categorize game-population and accession! Map your territory, trace all the animal trails!

Revolutionizing wildlife surveillance – in hunting and in wildlife management alike! Contact us →


Optimal hive placement. Sharing floral resources. No pesticides, less theft, diseases prevented. Feel the power of the apiary community! Bee with us!

Collaborate for successful hive placement! Share hive data via BeeMap – the pollinator-friendly web app! Find the best foraging fields, prevent diseases, monitor weather patterns, share floral resources, foil theft, lower pesticide risk, optimize honey production.

Bee Smart! Share, Participate, Benefit! Contact us →


Optimal coffee cherry ripeness? Let them mature! Work with fragrant, firm, full-flavor coffee cherries only! See the difference! Seize the moment! Pick the ripe – buy the best!

Farmers, brokers, mills: escape underdeveloped flavor profile and increased acidity! Boost sugar content, yield, and profit with Maduro, the smart eye! Arabica or Robusta? Maduro provides visual cues for ripe cherries, knows all coffee cherry color indicators! Pick the firm, tasty, fragrant cherries!

Work at peak ripeness – and reap the benefits! Contact us →


Where pigs are monitored by cameras and their weight is estimated by software solutions.

The PigBrother monitors pigs and constantly provides information about the weight of the animals. The daily weight measurement of porkers is carried out by a technology that combines innovative machine vision and machine learning, allowing our clients to minimizehuman workforce, resulting easier, more effective, and more economical animal farming practices.

Total surveillance with machine vision – a new era in daily weight check! More info →


Where pigs are counted with the help of cameras and machine learning – while they are in motion, in real time, with impressive accuracy.

Our PigCounter solution is the quickest and easiest option available on the market when it comes to pig counting – our cameras and software provide prompt information regardless of what time the animals are counted. Optimize the operation of your pig farm by using an automated pig counting system!

Fast, smart, accurate – even in roaming herd! Livestock counting - on the move! More info →


Real-time weight measurement and sorting system

The PigSelector determines the weight of pigs selected for transport to the slaughterhouse when they are passing through the corridors in real time, to give farmers one last chance for selection before leading them onto the truck. The innovative machine vision and machine learning technologies enable the selection of pigs with high accuracy, promoting the reduction of human resources to a minimum level as well as a more simplified, more efficient, and more economical animal farming.

No ride for the undersized! Pick the piglets - keep them home! More info →


Where pigs and their environment are monitored and analyzed by a multi-sensor instrument.

The sensors of PigData continuously monitor the composition of the air, analyze the data and provide smart solutions to keep the farming conditions at an optimal level. The basis of the development of the machine learning based system is the data sets that have been gradually expanding since 2017. Learn more about our PigData solution and improve the air quality on your pig farm!

Seems fishy? Air-analyzation for the optimal, healthy environment! More info →


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